Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Broken Thorn - A poem

Where was I and Who was I
I kept posing myself!
And tried to peek up and down
Now, Where did I belong?

Then saw I, the leaves and branches!
Just beneath me, a budding rose!
Ah, I am, a thorn beside a rose!
A red budding rose!

As we grew along, I spoke to her
First a few babbles, Later verses
And then feelings ….
Together we grew to bigger sizes

As I kept growing stronger and stronger
The rose grew softer and softer
And as the wind blew
The rose rested itself upon me!

Ah, the touch of the petals
It was so soothing!
The soft tender petals
On my hard rugged self!

The rose said,
Where would I be without you?
And I too thought
Ah, this rose lives for me!

The rose pampered me with love!
Sowing in me care and pride!
And as the branches grew
Heights above, we did glide!

The sun shone on us,
We did see, The rose and I,
That we were quite on top!
A big red rose and a black hard thorn!

What would the future be?
I did ask! Rose said,
“Do we need one? This is bliss!”
In love’s glory did we bask!

What a beauty you are,
Get out of here!
Get plucked soon!
I said to her!

And as the plucker came in,
The rose said,
Its time for us to go!
“Us?” I asked wonderingly!

You are part of me
My dear thorn!
Said the sweet rose!
And believe did I!

And as we lay together,
The plucker cut us out
There we were lying in his bag
I and my lovely red rose!

Out of the bag,
the plucker took us,
I couldn’t help it
But prick him a bit!

“You little pricking thorn”
He took me with force!
And then came the cutter
To cut me off my red rose!

Off went my rose
To her new life
Let her be happy
Best wishes for her life!

Here I am, lying
Down in the floor,
A black hard thorn
Truly, this is where I belong!


  1. hey cmon abhi dis sure is a great one....and to think u said u wer a litle aprensve?!!!

  2. Arun PadmanabhanJuly 8, 2010 at 4:59 PM

    Excellent poem Abhi. keep the creativity flowing buddy.

  3. @Shahi,Jay,Shobs & Arun

    Thanks a lot!

  4. anna .. nalla iruku na. from wer did u shoot this one??? lol.

  5. dey kanna ! shoot panni podurathu unga style! sonthama podurathu en style :-)


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